Google Announces That Mobile Speed Will Become a Ranking Factor

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As of July 2018, page speed will officially become a ranking factor for mobile searches. Google announced the update last month, citing studies that have shown users alter their browsing habits based on how fast a site loads. According to Google, the speed update will...

Google Rolls Out Changes to Meta Description Lengths

Google updates meta description lengths
  Google has recently confirmed that it’s made a change to the way it displays snippets in search results. Meta descriptions used to cap out at around 160 characters, however, now they can be as long as 320 characters. Google has experimented with snippet lengths in...

Real-Time Public Transport Information Now Available on Google Maps in NSW

Google updates
As of the end of June 2017, commuters in NSW will be able to access real-time bus, train and ferry information from Google Maps. Google has teamed up with Transport New South Wales to make finding your way around the state even easier. Information about...

Changes to Google AdWords’ Daily Budgets

Updates to google adwords daily spends
Earlier this month, Google AdWords notified advertisers in their accounts and via Twitter that they had implemented changes to the way AdWords calculates your daily spend. Moving forward, AdWords can automatically over spend advertisers’ daily budgets by as much as two times the allocated amount. In...

Take the Stress Out of Holiday Planning With Google Earth’s New iOS App

Google Earth for iOS
In April this year, Google rolled out a new version of Google Earth for web and Android users. After much anticipation, Google Earth for iOS has been updated to include the same revolutionary features. Plan Your Next Holiday With Voyager Voyager is the new interactive stories feature...

What’s the Future of Google and its Services?

google updates 2018
Google’s IO 2017 conference was a massive success and brought to the foreground some very exciting information about its future and the services it provides to its users. Google is undoubtedly the ‘go to’ place for internet users, whether it’s to find answers, locations,...

AI Set to Promote Equality Online – Google’s Project Respect

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At the 2018 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Google released Project Respect; an AI platform that's designed to make online conversations more inclusive. Google Australia launched the project last weekend by asking people to write a statement about themselves, or someone they love and...
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