With 79 per cent of Australians now using social media, it has become more important than ever for businesses to leverage social for increased visibility online.

There are a growing number of social platforms introducing increasingly video-focused algorithms, meaning that social video is fast becoming a tool that businesses can’t ignore. Audience engagement levels with social media are reaching new heights with 15 million (over half the population) Australians watching at least one video on YouTube a day and 43 per cent naming video as their primary reason for using social media.

However, building visibility online can be tricky when your audience’s attention span is less than a goldfish’s (one second less to be exact). To that end, the guys at One Productions have put together a useful infographic that outlines how long your next video should be. It includes key information about the state of video engagement in 2018, as well as some great tips and tricks regarding how to tailor your video’s length to each social media channel. It also outlines how analytics can be used to monitor your video’s performance and shape future video content.


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