As you go through all the marketing news, trends and your own inbox, you realize just how innovative certain companies can get in their marketing efforts. All of us had at least one of those moments when we admired the creativity of a company that marketed to us. And one would think that the notion of marketing would grow old in time. However, as we all know, marketing has become a living, breathing organism – one that constantly evolves and finds new ways to impress. One such appeal comes in the form of video marketing. That is why we decided to point out some of the benefits this can bring to your own promotional efforts.

10 key benefits of video marketing for your business

Although you will find divided perspectives when it comes to the use of video marketing, nobody can dismiss the potential it has. Especially when you examine past marketing campaigns that brought so much success to countless companies. According to a study by Wyzowl, the average attention span is slowly shrinking. As a result, people find it difficult to focus on anything for more than 8.25 seconds, which is less than a goldfish (9 seconds).

This being said, you can see how video marketing fits into the equation. However, even videos are not as they once were. Today, you need to make shorter videos in order to keep your potential clients interested. And even in spite of all this, you will find that there are countless benefits of video marketing campaigns. Here are some of the more important ones to toy with:

Start a conversation

Starting any conversation can be difficult, let alone one that involves selling products or services. And this is all the more challenging when you have a brand new company and nobody knows about you. However, video marketing is definitely something that can make a difference in such cases. Furthermore, studies show that a professionally shot and executed video clip can often turn even the biggest of sceptics into potential clients.


Video marketing is one of the best brand development tools

Most people nowadays are concerned with the influence of VR and AI on modern business and brand development. What many fail to comprehend is the importance of video promotions in all that. Start from yourself – how difficult would it be for you to trust a certain company by only reading about them or their content? Then think how faster the entire process would be if you had a visual aid such as a video telling a story about that company.

The fact is that videos put a human face and emotion on your brand. With videos, you can communicate with your target customers on a personal level, thereby making your brand more accessible to them. You have examples of companies such as Moving of America – NJ Movers, that use video reviews to strengthen their brand.


Everything revolves around mobile users today

People today spend hours and hours on YouTube and social media platforms, watching short videos and GIFs. However, they do all this through the use of their mobile phones, while commuting, having their morning coffee, getting ready for bed, etc. So, it’s only logical to presume that the same principle applies when it comes to shopping for products or services.

Research shows that over 90 per cent of people today will watch videos on mobile phones before making a purchase. It’s the next evolutionary stage of TV viewers.


Videos help you capture the attention of Google’s web crawlers

Given the simple fact that YouTube is the property of Google, marketers can only benefit from using it to further their promotional goals. Although studies and opinions vary, most claim that websites embedded with videos can receive up to 50 times more exposure. Of course, these are not simple videos. You still need to arm them with SEO friendly titles and descriptions to make the biggest impact.


Video marketing enables trust building with clients

Using plain marketing to sell your services or products is a long and tedious road to take. With videos on your side, you can drive conversions, in addition to building trust and long-term relationships with clients. All it takes is a minute-long video that tells the story of your company and its humble beginnings. As long as you are able to elicit emotions from viewers, there is no reason for your company not to rank high on the list within your industry.


It helps you appeal to lazy buyers

With the overwhelming amount of companies and ads that you come across today, consumers don’t have as much time to go through long promotional posts. Even worse are the lazy buyers, which expect you to do everything for them. However, videos give you the opportunity to shorten the time clients need to experience what you’re selling. So, it’s a great way to market to lazy buyers that need a short-burst motivation to make a purchase.


Stay one step ahead of the competition

As mentioned above, there are a lot of companies that disagree with the appeal and benefits of video marketing. Whether it’s the additional cost of it or the time and energy it demands, they are still reluctant to use it. That gives your business the perfect chance to come out on top and overcome your competitors.


Improve retention

With the endless pool of information that the Internet presents, it becomes increasingly difficult to win the attention of others. Videos help you overcome this obstacle with the long-term sub-conscious effect they can have on people. It is no secret that we tend to remember what we saw for far longer than what we discussed or read.


Target multiple demographics

Videos appeal to everyone, basically. Despite this not being the truth 10 years ago, today we all respond to what we watch. Although certain age groups are more drawn towards social media platforms without video content, they are still the minority.


Improve your social media presence

To end this list of video marketing advantages, we turn towards social media sharing. Yet another logical and realistic statistic – drastically more people share videos rather than written posts. So, smart marketers that turn towards video will always make sure to leave a Share button below. And once you do that, all it takes is a little patience and voila – your video can go viral! So, go out there is start investing your efforts into video marketing campaigns.




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