It’s quite often said that there are no rules for learning English, but how do you differentiate between the different styles of writing? How can you write like a professional if your target audience is Australian? Well, there is good news for 1,500 million English speaking people around the world. The language has a lot in common, and you just need to bring a subtle change in the style if you want to cater to an Australian audience. So, how do you write content like a professional for an Australian audience? Let’s find out!

Master your writing skills for an Australian audience

If you are new to the field, you should know that quite often, you will have to switch niches as per the requirements. So, how can you interact with a new audience in an appealing way? You might be required to sell a new product or service, or you might have to write in a style that is entirely new to you. Here is how you can get started.

Curate a list of all the top blogs

If you are new to the writing style that particularly an Australian audience will like, you should start with understanding their preferences.

You can make a list of the most liked blogs in a specific niche and start with analyzing the content. Start searching for the top blogs on search engines and come up with the websites that have the highest authority. This way, you will know the preferences of the audience that you are catering to. Understand the Australian writing style and start taking notes. In fact, these blogs and articles will give you the information and learning you need to satisfy the requirements for the Australian style of writing.

To get the perfect Australian tone of writing, it is always advisable to regularly read blogs that are written by famous Australian niche writers. For instance, you could go through Jonathon Crossfield’s personal blog or read some of the best pieces by Justine Justine Larbalestier’s blog.

Make a note of the most commonly used words

Every industry will have specific jargon. Even though you shouldn’t be filling you content with these jargons, you can include them every now and then to set that trust in your Australian readers. There will be a lot of such words but don’t worry! You don’t need to know everything. You can simply skim through these words and figure out the ones that can be included in your content.

This will require some research and time, but you will be able to please your readers and relate on a more personalized note with them.

Never plagiarise

One of the most basic mistakes that you can make while writing for any audience is plagiarized content. When you start copying the work of other writers and experts, you start losing the trust of your readers. So, make sure whatever information you include in your content is entirely unique. Even if you are referring to some statistics or figures, make it a point to provide the appropriate credits. Do the reader likes to waste their time and read plagiarised work.

So, once you are done with your work, always check the content through a plagiarism checker. If there is any content that is coming under plagiarism, correct the same. Only then, you should let the readers go through your unique content.

Pay attention to differences in spelling

One of the significant and primary changes, when you are catering to an Australian audience, will the spellings. If you are more suited to the American writing style, the difference will be subtle. All the ‘or’ suffixes will become ‘our.’ For example, it is colour in the American style, but when you are writing in Australian English, it will be colour.

Similarly, ‘er’ becomes ’re’, ‘ize’ becomes ‘ise’, etc. There are various such small changes, but to appeal to an Australian audience, it is crucial that you keep these in mind.

Punctuation! Punctuation!

Another essential point to note is the punctuation in your content. In the American style of writing, you will be putting commas before “and.” However, this will not hold true for the Australian style. Also, in Australian English, you will be using double quotes if you are including any quotes in your content. The periods or commas also go outside the quotes when you are writing in the Australian style.

Time and measurement

In case you are including date and time or some sort of measurements in your content, be thorough with the Australian style. You will be using the 24-hour clock or military time. Moreover, you will have to mention the date as month/day/year. Even the measurements in Australia are in the metric system. So, make sure that you are thorough with these basics so that you can connect with the readers and build much-needed trust.

Stay away from broad subject matter

One of the best suggestions, if you are writing for the first time for an Australian audience, would be to start with something small. A narrow topic will require less research, and it will give you enough exposure to understand the Australian style. That being said, make sure whichever topic you pick, your research is thorough and extensive on the same.

Take inspiration from your heroes

Start quoting some of the known Australians in your article. Get some information about a few starts and figure out a way to include their quotes or experiences in your content. By doing this, you will show the readers that you know these famous Australians. Moreover, your content will also be liked by the majority of the readers.

To sum up

Writing for an Australian audience won’t be as different as you might think. But, make sure that you are thorough with these basics. If you are able to incorporate these tips into your content, your content will be able to grab the attention of the right group of readers. Master writing content like professional in the Australian style and see how your content and ideas are appreciated.


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